Couplings and flange adaptors
Saddles for pipe connections
Check valves
Gate valves and butterfly valves
Pipe fittings for PVC
PEHD pipe fittings
Repair armature
Expansion joints

-gate valves F4 and F5
-antypollution valves
-saddles for pipe connections
-butterfly valves
-knife gate valves
-dismentling joints and rubber expansion joints
-check valve
-accessories for gate valve and hydrants
-flange adaptors and couplings
-pipes and fittings made for ductile iron
-fittings made for cast iron
-pipes and fittings made for PEHD and PVC
-flange gaskets
-information tablets
-casing spacers
-passage leakproof
-reper clambs, sealing clamp for socket pipe connections